This textbook is an ongoing, collaborative effort by students enrolled in LIN 175: Information Literacy, a general education course at Northern Kentucky University (unless otherwise indicated). In addition to a number of students who wish to remain anonymous, the following students have made contributions.

  • Jamie A. Collins, Spring 2023 (LIN student, independent study)
  • Emily Combs, Fall 2022
  • Jean DeLong Schirtzinger, Fall 2022
  • Melody Brooke Gilpin, Fall 2022
  • Hannah Greene, Fall 2022
  • Kenzi Hampton, Fall 2022
  • Preeti Manandhar, Fall 2022
  • Ian McNabb, Fall 2022
  • Peter Merkin, Fall 2022
  • Kyra Sullivan, Fall 2022
  • Maria Wagner, Fall 2022


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LIN 175: Information Literacy Copyright © 2022 by Steely Library Education & Outreach Services, Northern Kentucky University is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License, except where otherwise noted.