Chapter 1: Understanding Information Literacy

1.2 Research Ready Resources

Resources at NKU

NKU offers several resources to students to support them in conducting research. Keep the following in mind as you navigate the research process as an NKU student.
  • W. Frank Steely Library: As you will learn more about in this text, your academic library provides access to physical and digtial materials to support research needs across various subject areas.
  • The Institute for Student Research and Creative Activity (ISRCA) coordinates research, scholarship & creative activity opportunities for students. The institute facilitates programming to support faculty-student collaborative scholarly work and funds students’ research opportunities.
  • The Writing Center provides support for individual and group writing projects through peer-to-peer consultations. Writing consultants provide help throughout the writing process, including brainstorming initial ideas, understanding prompts, and helping students strengthen their writing skills.

Time management

Time management is frequently a problem for most individuals at one point or another. For students, feeling overwhelmed with college studies, illness, and/or personal issues are all common factors that may lead to missing deadlines. Here are a few ways you can help manage your time and your mental health:

  • Develop a plan for your project by working backward and estimating how much time each step will take. One tool that can help you do this is the online Assignment Calculator from the University of Minnesota. It helps you put your assignments and research projects into a timeline.
  • Find ways to reduce distractions. Some things that can help include muting phone notifications, using time management apps, and finding quiet places to study.
  • NKU’s virtual OneStop center provides a list of all key student success resources, including Learning Plus, IT, and FUEL NKU.

If you feel overwhelmed, please consider speaking with your professor or adviser. You may also reach out to the NKU Health, Counseling, and Student Wellness office for help. Trained professionals are available to assist with various concerns, including depression, substance abuse, eating, and relationships. Counseling sessions are free.


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